We have one driving vision, and that is to help our clients create a truly great life.

What matters to us is that our clients are free from financial worry to sleep better, live bolder and dream bigger. Without the worry of money, people have better relationships, free their minds to be more optimistic about the future and can plan to do the things they want to do. We give our clients confidence to pursue their dreams, certainty about their financial future and control over their destiny.

We do this by creating a disciplined framework of specialists to maximise the likelihood of our clients achieving their goals.

Our Beliefs

At Stanford Brown, we believe:

  • Our clients have the right to expect us to put their interests and their future before anything else;
  • Our firm can best serve clients by hiring only high quality, highly intelligent people who are committed to continuous learning;
  • Mutual respect and trust are critical to any ongoing relationship. Each party to the relationship deserves the utmost respect and trust – anything less than that inevitably ends the relationship;
  • Documented goals, aspirations and wish lists are a powerful component of success and provide discipline to our relationships;
  • Every business has the right to make a reasonable profit in line with the economic risk and capital employed in the business;
  • As a business that enjoys the support of the community, we have an obligation to put resources and effort back into the community;
  • The work environment we provide for our staff must be encouraging, supportive, satisfying and enjoyable;
  • The financial well-being of people drives, to a large extent, the quality of their lives.

Who we
work with

Our clients come from a broad range of backgrounds, and they include medical professionals, mid and senior level executives, individuals and families, business owners and corporations.

While our clients are typically highly successful in their chosen pursuits, what they also have in common is a need for sound financial coaching and unwavering counsel to act as a sounding board for all financial decisions and challenges.

The clients who seek us out are looking for tailored logical advice explained in an easy to understand manner. They seek an experienced, capable and safe set of hands to help them navigate their changing circumstances over time, and to help nurture, broaden and preserve their wealth.

  • Individuals & Families

    Wealthy individual and families have specific needs that demand an approach designed for unique and intricate situations. Our approach to wealth management addresses specific requirements from financial planning and investment advisory services to risk management, asset protection, structuring and wealth transfer.

  • Medical Professionals

    Stanford Brown have built an enviable knowledge base over the past 25 years catering specifically to the unique financial challenges, complex layers of commercial obligations, personal commitments and business intricacies faced by those in the medical profession. For medical professionals we provide a complete suite of flexible, tax-effective tailored wealth management services, business and personal asset structuring and protection. Read more.

  • Business Owners

    For most business owners, personal wealth management is intertwined with business affairs. At Stanford Brown, you can access professionals who understand the specific issues facing business owners, including expertise in areas of risk management and insurance, business structuring, access to capital and debt re-structuring, cash-flow management, wealth planning, business succession and exit planning.

  • Executives & Senior Managers

    As a CEO, corporate executive or senior manager, you have personal and business-related financial issues that must be coordinated. Stanford Brown has experienced resources to address these unique requirements, including executive compensation and benefits planning, advice on equity incentives, tax strategies, financial structuring, risk management and wealth planning.

  • Corporate Services

    Stanford Brown advises some of Australia’s leading corporate clients across a broad array of executive and staff benefits, investment and superannuation capabilities, insurance, and other customised strategies. While superannuation and insurance are essential social elements for our workforce, the many product variations and regulations governing them can render it a tricky landscape for employers. Our senior advisers work with each of our clients to help them develop market leading compensation, superannuation and insurance programs, relieve the administrative burden and add genuine value to employees.

In the Community

As a business that enjoys the support of the community, we have a moral obligation to put resources and effort back into the community. Stanford Brown actively supports a number of organisations and individuals.

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There are some things that you can’t teach; drive, integrity, intelligence and an unwavering commitment to serving a client’s best interests.  The rest can be taught. We are seeking brilliant people who share these core values and have in common a feeling that there
 has to be something better. 
For themselves. For clients. 
For the industry.

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We win Awards

  • Genesys National Member Firm of the Year – 2003, 2004, 2005, 2011, 2012, 2013

  • Top 5 adviser businesses in Australia in 2005 – voted by IFA Magazine (2005 was the only year that Stanford Brown has entered.)

  • Jonathan Hoyle (Partner & Adviser) awarded finalist (top four) AFA National Adviser of the Year in 2011.

We are entrusted to manage the superannuation plans of some of Australia’s leading corporations. Including: Air New Zealand, Arab Bank of Australia, Brocade, Saatchi & Saatchi, Compuware, Google and Mortgage Choice.


“We have had relationships with a few financial advisers over the years, including both those from big name firms and smaller ones. By far, Stanford Brown has been the best.”

“The firm is excellent in everything they do.”

“What I value about working with Stanford Brown is that they care. They listen. They ask challenging questions. They unmask what’s going on and what’s important in my life. And because they’re not emotionally involved they can provide me with objective advice. They’ve saved me from making decisions that in hindsight might have been quite devastating.”

“I’m on a constant quest for a better life for me and my family. When I sought an adviser, what I was looking for was a partner who’d help me make the most of my success – an ally, someone who wasn’t intimidated by my success, but encouraged by it, and who encouraged me to reach beyond what I thought was possible -not just give me lip service. Stanford Brown has exceeded my expectations.”

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