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Without a strategic approach to managing the risk of serious illness or death, the best financial plan can come unstuck in an instant. That’s why we build insurance protection into every financial plan.  We can’t predict what tomorrow may bring, but we can structure your insurances that if tomorrow brings an illness, injury or worse, you will be well equipped to handle it.


Stanford Brown has specialised in providing expert insurance advice to the medical profession, dental profession,  business owners, partnerships and individuals for over 25 years. In that time we have successfully managed over 270 claims.

We pride ourselves in being able to attain a thorough understanding of your financial position, matched with your personal financial goals in the event of an accident or illness event. We use this information to calculate very precise levels of cover and narrow the market down to the insurance contracts that not only match your needs, but have a proven track record. In making recommendations, we apply careful consideration to ‘tax’ opportunities with regards to how, and who should own the policies.

Our primary aim is to give you peace of mind no matter what tomorrow may bring.

We specialise in the following types of insurance ....

  • Life Insurance and Trauma Cover

    Life Insurance (otherwise known as Death Cover) is designed to fulfill your financial needs and objectives in the event of your death. Specifically it pays the following benefits:

    • A death benefit lump sum paid to your estate; or
    • A terminal illness benefit paid when you become terminally ill.

    Trauma Cover (otherwise known as Critical Illness Cover) pays a lump sum benefit to you when you are diagnosed with or suffer a critical illness and survive 14 days after diagnosis or the event occurring. Critical illness means you are certified by a medical practitioner as meeting any of four medical conditions; being cancer, heart attack, stroke and coronary artery disease requiring by-bass surgery.

  • Total and Permanent Disability

    Total and Permanent Disability Insurance (otherwise known as TPD) helps you modify your lifestyle and gives you choice and options if you’re left without the ability to work. TPD insurance provides a one-off payment that can help you:

    • fund lifestyle changes and home modifications
    • cover the cost of long-term care or medical expenses
    • pay off any debts including your mortgage
    • fund an ongoing income for your family.
  • Income Protection

    Income Protection (otherwise known as Salary Continuance, Sickness / Accident Disability Cover) does exactly as the name implies – it replaces your income if you can’t work due to sickness or injury.  Income protection pays you a monthly benefit – just like your salary – and generally covers up to 80% of your pre-tax salary. The money can help you:

    • cover your mortgage or rent payments,
    • take care of all your normal bills while you focus on getting better.
  • Business Expenses Insurance

    Business Expenses insurance covers your fixed business costs, as a monthly reimbursement, so you can focus on your recovery – and not your bills! It includes:

    • office rent or fees plus interest on your property loan
    • leases on cars, equipment or machinery
    • insurance and security costs
    • bills – such as utilities
    • salaries and staff superannuation (for employees who don’t generate any business revenue)
    • costs of a locum to help out while you focus on getting better.
  • Buy / Sell Agreements

    Generally a Buy / Sell Agreement consists of a binding transfer agreement in the event of a shareholder suffering death, total incapacitation and in some cases a trauma event. The agreement will often refer to the proposed funding arrangement for executing the buy / sell transaction, i.e.: How will the surviving shareholder(s) pay for the shares of the departing/deceased shareholder?

    Without an executed agreement, on the death of a shareholder, the shares of the deceased will pass to their estate. This means that new parties can be introduced into the boardroom irrespective of their business acumen and experience. Insurance can be the provider of funds to buy-out the equity and maintain harmony within the business.

  • Keyperson Insurance

    This is about protecting against the loss of a very unique person in the business: Skills such as sales, relationships, technology, financial and other key drivers of the business

    Some of the reasons for implementing Keyperson cover include:

    • Protection of revenues, sales, profits or any other measure of economic performance;
    • Cover shareholder debt;
    • Cover of external creditors;
    • Compensate for reduced revenue.

    In addition to personal insurance, we have significant experience in business cover including shareholder / partner buyout insurance, key person protection and medical profession income insurance.

Our advice covers:

  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Total & Permanent Disablement Cover


Building a thriving medical practice is no easy feat, so you don’t want all that hard work to go to waste due to some unforeseen event.  None of us control the future, but we can do a lot to minimise the risk.

Our advice covers *:

  • Business Expenses Insurance
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Office & Computer Equipment
  • Buy / Sell Agreements
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability
  • Practice Indemnity

* Some of the above policies are provided in conjunction with some of our expert partners.


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