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Estate Planning considers your current and future assets and liabilities, financial objectives, insurance, superannuation and your family’s requirements to facilitate, protect and maximise the transfer of wealth.

While a basic Will and estate plan allows you to decide who will receive your assets upon your death, more considered wealth transfer planning may enable you to pass additional wealth to your descendants, protect inheritance from ending up in the wrong hands and minimize the tax burden on beneficiaries.


Services include:

  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Enduring Guardian
  • Trust Structures


Building a thriving medical practice doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes careful planning, skill and putting the right structure in place.  Stanford Brown partners with the best to provide you with some of the following essential services that medical professionals regularly require:

  • Business Structuring Advice
  • Company Incorporation
  • Business Agreements
  • Commercial & Contract Advice
  • Trust Deeds

Estate Planning key points

  • A good estate plan considers your current and future assets and liabilities, personal and financial objectives, insurance, superannuation strategy and your family’s requirements.

    Stanford Brown has access to some of the best estate lawyers in Australia. Conversely we can also work with your existing legal counsel to maximise outcomes. Not only will we help you construct a robust estate plan, we make it part of our job to remind you to review your plan amidst changes in tax law to ensure you are abreast of ways to preserve your families’ wealth.

  • Whether it’s guiding you on an appropriate estate lawyer for your needs, advising on the right type of trusts for wealth transfer, ensuring that you have nominated a preferred or binding beneficiary for your superannuation, or identifying the intangible aspects worthy of consideration. We apply a holistic approach to your estate planning to ensure that it meets your requests in the way that you intended.

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