We specialise in structuring, advising and executing philanthropic funding strategies for individuals and families that have identified structured charitable support as a primary goal for their wealth.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our role is learning more about the charitable and community passions of our clients, and then partnering with them to develop either short-term or long-term strategies that align both their wealth creation goals and their philanthropic goals.

We find this service is often a great opportunity to include the whole family in the philanthropic decision making process to potentially build a collective interest and ultimately a family legacy that lasts longer than one off unstructured donations.

Philanthropy key points

  • Whilst most clients initially present with considerable charitable involvement – it is more often than not executed on an ad-hoc reactionary basis in the form of one off donations.

    This method, whilst highly generous, can often lead to temporary support, diluted focus and lack of control regarding where the funds are ultimately directed.

  • Many wealthy families seek to establish the framework to ensure their wealth can be utilised to not only to support them, but also give back to the community (ies) that supported them.


    However they are often confused about how to go about it and are often confused where to start.

  • As charitable giving can have a significant impact on your overall personal financial and tax positions, it is imperative to seek advice from an adviser who specialises in this area. At Stanford Brown believe that effective philanthropy demands a well-governed process. Funds must be prudently invested and effectively spent to maximise community and social benefits.

We specialise in working with individuals and families to incorporate philanthropy into an overall strategy that integrates their financial planning, estate planning and intergenerational wealth transfer objectives. An understanding of the structures available for philanthropic giving is essential if you wish to incorporate charitable giving into your overall wealth management plan. The Stanford Brown team can help you to tailor a solution that meets your individual philanthropic goals.

We can assist and advise you on a range of innovative products and services to help manage your philanthropy more efficiently.

Read more about one such innovation being Private/Public Ancillary Funds.

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