Pro Bono

Stanford Brown is known for its commitment to client success, and we’re just as committed to giving back to the community.

In 2012 we launched our pro-bono financial planning program in a response to the dilemma of the growing need for financial advice amongst those in our community who can afford it the least.

Our whole aim is to give vulnerable members of our community a helping hand by sharing our two most valuable commodities, our professional expertise and our time.

Pro Bono key points

  • We sincerely believe that those who need the core services of a professional financial adviser the most can afford it the least. These people are in our families, our social networks, our workplaces and our communities. We aim to make a small difference to these peoples lives.

  • Participation to elect a pro bono candidate is by invite only and is a highly valued feature in our Platinum level services offering. The program effectively allows eligible Stanford Brown clients to nominate a candidate undergoing difficult financial circumstances or financial hardship to receive our refined services free of charge.

  • We have seen the impact when these services are made possible through the generosity and thoughtfulness by one of our clients, for no reward other than seeing a person in their life experiencing tough times be given a helping hand.

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