Dr. Carol Murray is a leading Medical Practitioner.

What were you looking for?

What prompted me to seek Stanford Brown is that I was looking for some structure and clarity in achieving my financial visions.  Up until that point I didn’t have those.  I was recommended by a colleague who was a very happy client and that’s basically where we started.

Where our relationship has gone from there is that I have, with Stanford Brown’s assistance, been able to achieve a structured and strategic approach to attaining my financial vision in a very credible reliable situation and with a safe set of hands helping me through it.

What challenges and issues were you looking to resolve?

The challenges and issues I was looking to resolve were the lack of structure and strategy in basically having a financial plan and in being able to keep that plan adaptable as my life changed, as my lifestyle changed and the requirements of my family changed.  That’s where I’m at with them and it’s been very helpful.

Stanford Brown has helped me to achieve a security in my financial situation and I feel that I have been able to trust them for their credibility and their professionalism…

Stanford Brown has helped me to achieve a very structured financial plan, one that has clarity of vision and goals, goals that I have been able to have clear direction with and it has been a very adaptable plan that I have felt fitted in with my ever changing needs in different stages of my life.

How would you describe Stanford Brown?

I would describe Stanford Brown as a team of integrated professionals with access to a wide network and wide range of professionals who are able to provide a very integrated approach to financial, investment and insurance needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, having had many years of experience working with various aspects of Stanford Brown. Their credibility, their professionalism and their integrated approach to developing a really sound solid structure to financial planning has been valuable and invaluable to me.

…And my adviser, he’s a gem.  He’s extremely professional, very well presented.  He is responsive; he’s always accessible.  He is professional at all times and has been able to through many years, over many years, been able to individualise the planning towards what I’ve needed.

Vincent O’Neill

Dr. Carol Murray is a client of Vincent O’Neill, a Senior Adviser and Wealth Management specialist focusing on providing financial advice to high net worth clients on wealth creation, retirement planning and SMSF.

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