Dr. Lindsay McBride is a leading Medical Specialist

What has Stanford Brown helped you to achieve?

Stanford Brown has helped me achieve the goals that I require by way of life cover, my trauma insurance and my income protection insurance over the course of many years. As time has gone by, one of the advantages of being with Stanford Brown has been that they’ve enabled me to make changes to my insurances as my lifestyle and situation has changed. I’ve been able to tailor the cover that I’ve required, decrease the premiums in total, but meanwhile, retain good quality of cover.

What's impressed you the most about Stanford Brown?

I think the most impressive thing about Stanford Brown has been the personnel involved in the company. The requirement for me as a consumer of their services is to be able to talk to the people in the organisation, the advisers. If I don’t have a rapport with the people who are advising me, and the other staff in Stanford Brown, it’s very difficult to progress with the interest in whatever my requirements are.

What do you value most about your adviser?

My adviser has been David Brown in my time here with Stanford Brown. The most valuable thing is his approachability. He’s a nice bloke. That’s good. We sit down. We chat very casually and easily together. He’s obviously got a great knowledge of the industry. He’s able to advise very readily. He doesn’t have to go off and seek information about what’s available and then get back to me. He’s got that information at his fingertips. He’s knowledgeable, he’s personable, and he’s accessible. I can come in here and make an appointment. It’s easy to get to see him.

David Brown

Dr. Lindsay McBride is a client of David Brown, an optimistic visionary who is never satisfied with good enough, always seeking to improve the way he runs his business, the lives of his clients and his family life.

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